Vintage Good Humor Truck

Introducing the newest member to the Scoops2u Ice Cream fleet: our Vintage Good Humor Truck! Celebrate 50 years of ice cream fun and show the younger generations how it was back in the day with a visit from our rare vintage Good Humor ice cream truck! We offer the largest variety of classic ice cream novelty bars for special… Read more »

Employee Appreciation Day

employee satisfaction

Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated the first Friday of March. We think employee appreciation should be recognized more than just once a year. Lack of appreciation leads to lower employee retention and therefore increases on-boarding and training costs. We created the following infographic to shed light on this situation and illustrate easy ways to maintain a happier… Read more »

Holiday Happenings

Let us warm you up this winter season with our holiday happenings! Our popular popcorn presents are guaranteed to delight any recipient. We offer 15 different fresh flavors of popcorn and multiple styles so you can customize your gourmet gifts. All of our catered winter events feature festive music and decorations that will enhance the atmosphere for any group gathering. Host a… Read more »

April Party Ideas

There are many joyous occasions to acknowledge during the month of April. The transition from winter to spring has passed, so now it is time to start planning outdoor parties! We have some great ideas for how you can host an April-appropriate themed party! Spring Break: Take your guests on a temporary vacation by hosting a spring break… Read more »

March Party Ideas

March is one of the most exciting months to host a party because the weather is finally warming up and there are lots of reasons to celebrate! There are many holidays and observances that fall in the month of March. The SCOOPS2U team believes that themed events are more special and memorable. If you are planning a party, you… Read more »