Clients all around the metro area are raving about Scoops2u’s new Customized Ice Cream Bar Event! A SCOOPS exclusive, this interactive event invites tenants and guests to select their ice cream bar flavor, decadent chocolate coating (dark, milk, or white chocolate) and then the chance to personalize it from a selection of toppings and embellishments. “This was such a unique experience and by far the most fun I’ve ever had at a work event,” said Ashly B. of Springfield. Create a one of a kind experience for your next office occasion, and for a limited time SCOOPS has crafted the homemade bars into hearts, perfect for Valentines day (traditional shape is also available).

Custom ice cream bar catering is exclusively available for corporate events in the greater DC area. Pricing is based on the estimated number of servings and the location of the event.