Novelty Truck Package


$3 per serving + Delivery + Gratuity (Suggested 10%)

1 bar per serving

Adult Selections:

Frozen Fruit Bar—Strawberry, Chocolate Éclair, Vanilla Sandwich, GH Chocolate Chip Cookie ice cream sandwich, King Cone, Vanilla Ice Cream Bar, Strawberry Shortcake, Dove Dark Chocolate bar, Dove Almond Bar

Children Selection:

Chocolate Éclair, GH Chocolate Chip Cookie ice cream sandwich, Cookies N’ Cream Bar, Frozen Fruit Bar — Strawberry, Strawberry Shortcake, PO Pop up Rainbow, PO SpongeBob, PO Hello Kitty, PO Avengers, Vanilla Chocolate Bar



Pay a deposit of $25.00 per item
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  • Truck comes stocked with either the Adult or Children selections
  • Music available
  • The ice cream menu will be displayed on the side of the truck next to the serving w
  • Truck will stay for a minimum of 15mins up to 1 hour based on number of servings, your selection, and our schedule.
  • The truck can be up to 10 minutes late due to its multiple stops and traffic
  • You may request to stop at your guaranteed number or allow us to serve over by the per piece price.