Sweet Specialties

SCOOPS2U Spring PopcornSCOOPS2U has many sweet specialties that are designed to make your event easier and exciting for guests!

You may know that we have been delivering ice cream sundaes with smiles for over 15 years in the DC, Maryland and Virginia region. What you may not be aware of is the recently added sweet [and salty] treats to our menu! We have teamed up with The Royal Popcorn Factory to introduce various gourmet popcorn events. The gourmet popcorn is popped fresh for events and flavors can be customized based on the party requests. Gourmet popcorn can be complimented with beverage bar options including hot cider, hot chocolate or chai tea.

Scoops2u Spooks2u Halloween Events Customized candy bars are another relatively new event that SCOOPS2U has started to offer to customers. The assorted candy selection is based on the current season or nearby holidays.The candy buffet bars have been a very popular request especially during the months of October, December and February.



Smores Bar Roasting Marshmallows

SCOOPS2U has also started catering S’mores Bar events featuring Plush Puff’s delicious, handcrafted marshmallows. Guests have the pleasure of roasting their own marshmallows and creating customized S’mores sandwiches. All necessary supplies and equipment are provided to ensure the event runs smoothly.

SCOOPS2U is prepared to make your gathering memorable and will happily provide any decorations to support the theme of the event. Contact us today to learn more about our sweet specialties! Call (703) 536-3131 or e-mail info@SCOOPS2U.com.